6 Pool Deck Design Tips To Escape The Summer Heat

Summers and swimming pools are like synonyms. At this point, we can’t imagine summers without swimming pools. There’s nothing as refreshing as taking a dip in a swimming pool during the scorching heat of summers. A well-built pool along with a well-designed, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable pool deck is all you need to have great and safe summers.

1. Adding Water Features

To make your pool and pool deck fancier and more enjoyable, you can add water features like cascading waterfalls, fountains, scones, bubblers, deck jets, and whatnot. By adding these water features, you get to have a better sensory experience as water in motion is relaxing to hear and beautiful to look at.
To decide on the water feature for your pool, consider your pool’s proportion and scale and your budget. You don’t want to overshoot your budget or end up with a monumental water feature while your pool is quite small.

2. Blend Nature with Your Pool

If you have a stone or a wooden pool deck, then ask your contractor to add some greenery around it as plants will add quite a visual contrast to your pool deck. You can go one step further by adding flowers, trees, exotic plants to give the landscape around your pool deck a magnificent look.
Trees also provide the necessary shade and cool breeze during summers which means you are going to enjoy your pool a great deal. One other benefit of adding trees to the landscape around your pool is privacy.
You can ask your contractor to add trees like a boundary, making your swimming pool and pool deck area a private space.

3. Light It Up

What’s more calming than sipping your favorite drink in your pool while there’s a cool breeze dancing with your trees and your pool deck and the landscape around is lit up with these yellowish fairy lights?
By adding lights, you are making it perfect for taking a night swim and frankly, everyone just LOVE night swims. Most importantly, you can host sundowner parties after adding soothing ambient lights around your pool deck.

4. Tile Your Deck

To add a cool, elegant look to your pool deck, use tiles. It is the easiest and quickest material to install and work with when you are going for pool deck resurfacing. It can be used on any existing surface like wood, concrete, bare ground.
There are many self-adhesive tiles available on the market or you can always use concrete or grout to set them around your pool area.
Tiles are versatile as they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So, get on your creative hats to give your pool deck a unique look.

5. Best Material to Tile Your Pool Deck

Usually, people prefer brick and ceramic tiles for pool decks. Tiles are the most preferred because of their finished appearance and longevity.
Brick is also a durable material used for pool borders.