6 Ways to Keep Your Porch Looking New

Porches require more regular maintenance than indoor spaces, and screened porches are no exception. No
other place in the house awakens us with that romanticism and that nostalgia. It is a special place that
inspires us to do something special. All porches have a story.
Over the years, porches have become more comfortable, have been adapted for various functions, and exist
in many homes. For example, rear service porches off kitchens, roofed structures extending off a building,
and sleeping porches off bedrooms. However, the front porch is the most famous; it is an outdoor living room
to relax, socialize, have an eleven, and enjoy a summer day.
We have several tips to keep them fresh, including cleaning screens and the porch floor.

1. Cleaning Routine

Frequent cleaning of your porch makes this area of your home more attractive. Ideally, it would be best to
sweep floors with an outdoor broom, and dust window sills, door frames, and fan blades with a counter brush
every week. Next, wash the lamps’ covers every month since mosquitoes accumulate there, and permanently
remove them to clean them. Finally, rinse and dry them before placing them again.

2. Don’t Forget The Walls

Removing cobwebs and debris from ceilings and walls is also essential. With a corn broom, you can wash
the walls with a solution of an all-purpose cleaner and water using a large polyester sponge.

3. Remove Dirt

After you’ve swept the floor well with an outdoor broom, scrub away any dirt with a long-handled deck brush
and a solution of all-purpose cleaner and hot water.

4. Fight Against Mold

If you notice mold buildup on the floor, please scrub with a three parts water/oxygen bleach solution using a
floor brush. You should wear gloves and goggles when handling bleach cleaning products.

5. Clean Screens

Porch screens can be cleaned with warm water and an ammonia-free all-purpose cleaner using a generalpurpose scrub brush. First, wash the mesh and frame. Rinse the garden screens well and let them dry. Deep
cleaning removes dust and grime with a handheld vacuum or a soft counter brush.

6. Add Some Paint

Floors and steps last longer and look better if they are pecked. Porch paints are latex and oil-based, durable
enough to withstand the elements. Painting the floor is like painting any other surface; you must clean and
sand it first.
However, it would be best to remember that porch floors are made of ergonomic wood. It is not worth
investing a lot of time in meticulous preparation. Priming is not necessary.
Sand to give rigor to the painting. Sweep up debris, thoroughly clean the floor and steps with water and an
all-purpose cleaner, rinse, and wait for the surface to dry completely before applying paint.