7 Keys To A Perfect Terrace

A well-designed terrace is a beautiful space of tranquility during the hustle and bustle of daily life. This space has great potential and is often the most forgotten space in the house, but it has great potential to become a beautiful space to relax. When you give it the importance and care required, the terrace can become a personal retreat to relax, read a book or sit down to enjoy a sunset.
We are in flat spring; it is the perfect time to transform and enjoy our terrace.

1. Distribute According To Space

If you have a small terrace, keep in mind the main uses you will give it. A maximum of two different spaces is acceptable. Find a suitable place for each area. For example, you can place the dining room near the kitchen and the living area as far away as possible to ensure tranquility.

2. How To Choose The Furniture

Look for a balance between style and practicality, furniture that does not need much maintenance and can withstand sun and rain well. You can review the technological wood with a natural appearance with a lot of resistance or aluminum furniture. And if you still want them more, the synthetic fiber ones are what you are looking for.

3. Sun And Shadow 

Creating shady areas is vital if your terrace is exposed—an awning or parasol you could use. If, on the other hand, the space is enormous, place a pergola in the dining area. The micro-perforated fabrics allow light to pass through, and thanks to their sweat, it helps to minimize heat.

4. Planters vs Pots

For your terrace, the best are the planters. They fit more soil, which helps to have large plants. Place them around the deck’s perimeter to give it an excellent background. And if you have several environments, they will separate them naturally.

5. Watch Where You Step

If you want to cover the existing terrace floor, the ideal is copperized pine flooring or resistant wood. If you don’t want to dedicate a lot of maintenance to it, use technological wood. Its natural appearance is excellent. Stone could also be an alternative. It is durable and requires very little maintenance.

6. Insects On The Sidelines 

Light attracts insects, so the best way to keep them at bay is 12-volt warm light-led bulbs. Unfortunately, they find it less attractive than halogen. Reinforce this effect by scaring them away with geranium, marigold, or citronella pots.

7. Tailor-Made Green Area

Plants give a lot of life, freshness, and additional isolation. So when you choose the furniture, at that moment, it is essential to bring out the landscaping vein. Of course, all the plants will look good in large spaces, but if you have a small terrace, combine green plants with other small flowers.