Advantages of a Western Red Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar is another top choice in wood fencing material. It has natural oils that are good-smelling and bug-repelling. It is also a particularly beautiful wood. Cedar is also more on the expensive side concerning wood materials, but its quality, beauty, and durability may easily be worth the price.

Here are the advantages of a Western Red Cedar Wood Fence.

Cedar Wood Is Strong

Cedar wood fencing is very strong, so it will not deteriorate like other types of wood. That is because it contains natural oils that keep insects from infesting the wood. It also contains water-soluble phenolic resin and thujaplicin. Compounds that cause decay do not survive in the presence of the afore-mentioned substances, so a western red cedar wood fence has the potential to last for a very long time.

It Does Not Need Chemicals

Because of cedar wood’s natural oils, this material cannot be treated chemically. Therefore, your builder will not apply a sealant to your new fence. Ordinarily, this is necessary to protect the wood from the elements. The fact that western red cedar wood does not require a sealant illustrates that this type of fencing is extremely durable. It is also bio-degradable, so it is very environmentally friendly.

It Resists Termites

Although western red cedar is wood, it will not attract termites because it is toxic to these wood eaters. If there are termites in the neighborhood, they will bypass your fence and move on to a friendlier source of nourishment. In some instances, termites will try to eat your fence, but they do not survive the encounter. It depends on the species, but western red cedar wood has been known to kill 100 percent of the termites that try to consume it in days.

It Withstands Harsh Weather

Western red cedar wood is perfect for weather because it can withstand harsh conditions. High and low temperatures and exposure to the sun and rain will not cause your fence to erode prematurely. Cedar wood naturally resists the damaging effects of moisture, so it is a great choice for a fence throughout the entire year.

It Makes an Excellent Fence

That is because it is so easy to install and holds lag screws, gate latches and hinges extremely well. These fences are also easy to care for when they are properly installed by a professional fence company.