Benefits Of Adding A Porch, Deck Or Patio To Your Home

In springtime, homeowners often begin improvement projects that will enhance their house’s curb appeal and boosts its value. And there’s a great way to add to your home’s space while also providing more ways to enjoy the outdoors as the weather warms up—adding a beautiful, inviting porch, patio or deck.

Spring is the perfect time to add to and improve upon the outdoor spaces of your home. Here’s a closer look at the advantages of investing in a patio, deck, or this year.


Whether you love hosting neighborhood barbecues or just enjoy sharing coffee with a close friend, a back porch is the perfect entertaining space. Porches offer shelter from bright sunlight and rain. Screened-in options also provide protection from mosquitoes and other summertime pests.


Porches are an in-demand feature for many house hunters, which makes your property more attractive when you decide to sell. In the long run, adding a porch can be an excellent investment. Buyers are more likely to make a higher offer on your listing when they see this feature.


Porches give your family and guests a place to take off their coats and shoes before coming into the house. A back porch can also serve as a mudroom, giving you a place to store outdoor gear. This keeps people from tracking dirt inside, which keeps the house cleaner.


With proper planning and the right contractor, porches can add hundreds of square feet to your living space. Depending on your decor and fixtures, these home additions can serve as outdoor living rooms, an extra dining area, or a quiet place to curl up with a book. You can customize a porch to fit your family’s needs.


Outdoor spaces such as decks, porches, and patios are a great way to add character to your house in an affordable way. Consider these money-saving facts:

  • These outdoor spaces typically don’t require homeowners to invest in drywall, carpeting, tile, plumbing, insulation or other similar elements that make adding a new room pricey.
  • Porches and decks don’t usually count as living space, so they don’t typically increase your taxable square footage or raise your property taxes.
  • Because home buyers enjoy nice outdoor spaces, installing a porch, deck, or patio can give your home a boost in perceived value if you wish to sell it.


If you enjoy entertaining family and friends out of doors when the weather is nice, then you know that the atmosphere and amenities you provide can take your outdoor parties up a notch. With a newly installed or remodeled deck, porch, or patio, guests can enjoy:

  • The same comfortable, inviting space that your indoor areas offer, making it more pleasant for guests to spend time outdoors with you.
  • Shelter from unpleasant weather when they approach your front door or spend time in your backyard.
  • A place to enjoy food and drink, conversation and scenery — and a great way to give you more room to invite more people!