Benefits of Installing an Overlay Over Wood

It offers custom handmade concrete in an elevated setting. It’s a more expensive and impressive look than the plastic look and feel of many of the composites on the market.

It’s heat-resistant (much more than any composite and to a degree that rivals stone), which is great for areas that may have fire pits or grills. The concrete is rot-proof and insect-proof.

This process provides a waterproof area underneath the deck which can then be used during inclement weather (if the deck is on the second story) or just for storage. And there is no need for expensive gutter systems that are prone to clogging.

It offers the potential for a continuous look across all horizontal surfaces — which could include the deck, steps, patio, sidewalk and pool surround, and even the driveway.

We can control the water flow. When installing surface drainage, we can direct the water to drain to gutters, scuppers, or just over the edge.

Even though we are in a pretty severe freeze-thaw environment, we guarantee that the decorative layer will not delaminate from the structural layer. We have seen people try to place tile or stone outside in a method similar to how it would be installed on the second floor of a home inside. When those surfaces are done this way outside, it is only a matter of time before water gets in and freezes, causing delamination.

It holds up much better in severe weather environments, such as freeze-thaw environments and near oceans, than exotic woods and other decking alternatives do.

This product has been designed to not need resealing. While sealers offer better stain resistance and a sheen, they are not necessary.

Overlays never have problems with fasteners or nails popping. Also, no splinters.

We offer a wide selection of patterns and colors — many more design options compared to composite deck materials.

Construction costs can be much more affordable compared to building a traditional masonry or steel structure of a comparable size.

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