Composite Or Wood Decking?

The pros and cons of wooden decking.
Having a terrace at home has many benefits, it increases exterior functionality and increases appeal. That is why as an owner you must choose the right material for your terrace very carefully. There are many options to choose from, however, wood and composites are the most used materials. It is important before making a decision that you are well informed.
In this blog we are going to help you choose between a composite or wooden terrace.

The Pros And Cons Of Wooden Decking

Wood is a material that homeowners love a lot for its elegant finishes, low costs, and the availability of several options. However, it also has some disadvantages and it is important to keep them in mind.
Advantages of wooden pallets:
• Less expensive (short term)
• They can be easily stained or painted to match the look of your home.
• Wood is easy to work with and some woods, such as cedar and teak, are naturally resistant to pests such as termites, so you don’t have to worry about infestations.

Cons Of Wooden Pallets

• They require more maintenance than composite decking and must be periodically re-stained and waterproofed to stay in good condition.
• They are also prone to rotting and warping and can degrade quickly if not stained regularly.
• There is no warranty with wood.

The Pros And Cons Of Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials, such as wood fibers, plastic, and chemical additives. Synthetic materials give composite decking more durability and strength. For this reason, composite decking has become increasingly popular with homeowners.

Below We Look At The Pros And Cons Of Composite Decking

• Composite decking requires minimal maintenance as, unlike wood, it does not need to be re-varnished or stained.
• They are designed with non-slip surfaces, making them safer during rain and snow. They are also a great option if you have children and elderly people at home who are prone to slipping.
• Composite decking is more expensive initially than wood decking.
• Discoloration may occur due to exposure to ultraviolet sunlight over time, which could cause it to lose its aesthetic appeal.

What Is The Best Terrace Material For You?

When building a deck for your home, choosing the right material is important to ensure its long-term beauty and durability. Both wood and composite have advantages in terms of price, durability and aesthetic appeal.
In conclusion, the best material for you depends on your preferences, the work environment, and your budget considerations.