Covered Deck And Patio Ideas To Elevate Your Backyard

Decks and patios are magical places to spend time when the weather is nice, but when rain comes, an unexpected storm, or lots of sun, it’s important to have a sheltered spot to keep the party going.
There are many ways you can cover your terrace, depending on your style. When you have a small deck or patio you can cover the entire area with a deck roof for a more consistent and uniform look. Adding a fully covered terrace or patio can add value to your property and is very attractive if you want to add additional space to your property.
You can also choose to cover only part of it and keep the rest of your deck open to the elements. Covering a small area is less expensive and this way you are protected from intense sun or a downpour.
Here we are going to give you several ideas to cover your terrace or patio, which adapt to your personal style and your budget.

What Is The Difference Between A Covered Terrace And A Porch?

Covered terraces and porches are very similar in many ways, however, they differ in some aspects. A porch is built as part of the structure of your home, it is always covered and provides protection when people enter and exit the house. On the other hand, terraces are simply attached to the exterior of your house and are not always covered. Covered terraces are very functional, they can act as a dining room, extra living space or simply as a place to relax.
Here are 4 covered patio and deck ideas you can consider.

1. Opt For A Viewpoint

Wood or composite decking is ideal for installing a gazebo on your deck. Enlist the help of a contractor to design and install something more custom. A gazebo not only looks nice, but it can also offer a space within your outdoor space that protects you from the sun and also has a place to relax.

2. Use A Shade Sail For An Attractive And Economical Design

Shade sails are also a great option if you are looking for an affordable way to cover your patio or deck, they look great and you have the ability to make them yourself. They come in many shapes and sizes and are mobile, this means you can set it up when you need it and take it down when you’re done.

3. Enjoy Your Terrace In Any Weather With A Retractable Awning

You may be at a gathering with family and friends and a storm suddenly appears. It could be one of those unexpected summer storms. So that weather surprises don’t affect your fun, you can install a retractable awning that can be extended to create shade when it’s too sunny and also protect you from the rain.

4. Simple And Eye-Catching Pergolas

A pergola is a structure supported by columns and has a roof made up of beams, it can be attached to your house or stand alone. Pergolas generate enough shade to cool you down on a hot afternoon and are very versatile. You can hang string lights from the rafters, install a ceiling fan, or grow climbing plants on the columns.
To cover a pergola, you can choose to cover the entire structure with a tarp or canopy for added protection and shade.