Frequently Asked Questions About Fences

Installing a fence can raise many questions for you. Questions about what is best for your garden, what to expect, what rules are in place to install the wall, and a few other questions.

How Tall Can My Fence Be?

Your municipality’s HOA will dictate how tall your fence can be. Some homeowners associations state that your wall should be below a certain height unless you have a pool, which can be higher. There is also a height limit for fences installed in the front yard but not in the back or sides. This varies greatly depending on the site, so it is essential to review the restrictions of the specific municipality.

What Types Of Fences Are Best Around A Pool?

Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are suitable materials for a pool. However, municipalities and homeowners associations may have rules about materials, heights, and other items for pool fences, so be sure to check those as well.
Before you purchase your pool fence materials, be aware that the pool code approves certain styles of fences while others do not meet the requirements. The pool code exists to keep not only people but also wildlife safe. If you need fencing around a pool, ask an expert about collection code-approved styles; they can tell you your options.

Do I Need A Permit To Install My Fence?

As with many things in the fencing world, this can vary depending on your municipality or HOA. Suppose you live in a city that requires a permit.

How LongĀ Will My Fence Last?

The answer to this question can vary greatly depending on the material, style, weather conditions, and many other factors. Here at Strong Wooden, we have replaced the fences we installed for homeowners decades ago; some homeowners come back to us to have their fences replaced! With proper maintenance, our walls can last for years and years.
Now you have some answers to some frequently asked questions.