How To Clean Wood Decks

The wood decks required a frequent clean in order to keep is shine and appearance, these structures are exposed to the rain, sun, win, snow and others, even for those decks that do not require maintain these conditions will affect it, is recommended to clean it at least once per season.

Is not a complicated procedure so you can do it easily by yourself, you do not need any strange chemical product or heavy machines, here you will find the way to clean your deck?


With a normal broom sweep the whole surface removing dust, leaves and other kind of dirt that can be in the deck, if you have tables or chairs take them off and let the surface empty.


Using a hose water, the floor, if you are using a pressure washer do it carefully this machine can left marks in the wood.


You can use the soap that is of your preference the suggestion here is that it has to be soluble in water, put the soap directly in the whole deck and then use the broom again to scrub the soap, let the foam covers the floor and leave it act for a 5 – 10 minutes.


Use the hose again to wash the floor and remove all the soap, after that just let it dry or use a rag to dry it. Once the floor is totally dry you can place again the furniture or the things that you use to have there, clean them before and organize it , some times less is more, so the less things that you place in the deck the more comfortable it becomes.

This is the easiest way to clean and maintain your decks, not a science at all but will be helpful as well that at least 3 times per year you use waterproofing to give an extra protection to wood, this is also easy to apply is just like paint the floor, but if you are not use to paint or do that kind of job you can hire a company to do it for you.

Decks are made to last a resist weather no matter the season but this does not mean that the extreme conditions do not affect the material, a regular clean and maintain will make that it last more and looks like new, also will save you money in repairs or refurbish.

This space gives a magical feeling to home and same and the rest of it, needs that you take care of it.