How to keep wood floors as new

Wood floors are the most beautiful, in my opinion, it brings a cozier aspect to the room, is easy to find them in many colors and different finishings matte, shiny, and others.

These kinds of floors are the best friends for people who suffer from allergies or those who do not like dust. The reason is that the dust does not last too much in wood and can be easily cleaned from the surface.

Here is the main point of this blog, even the wood is easy to clean, you should know that there are some tricks to do it easily, as well, do and don’t at the moment to clean it.

Sweep and mop

Wood is delicate vacuuming it without 5the correct brush can scratch the surface, to remove the dust effectively use a microfiber mop on the broom and past it normally.

Just water

You had read well, clean the surface just with water, chemical products could ruin the shiny surface.

Do not use chlorinate

Chlorinate will reduce the life of the wood, to remove dirtiness and grease you can use a special product designed to clean wood by diluting it in water.

Do not use wax

There is an ancient belief that states, wax make shine and protect the wood, the truth is that the wood had been treated to have a finish natural shine, wax only will add layers and layers of product that will end stained the wood.

Protect it from the sun

Sun can change the color of wood, that is why you should protect the floor from it, close the curtains and as much as possible try the sun do not get directly on the floor, this as mentioned before is to prevent that the color got changed with the time.

Prohibit shoes

Well, not prohibit totally, but try to do not to wear high heels on it, it could scratch it.  And in the same way, if you do not use your shoes at home, the floor will remain clean for more time.


This ingredient will help you to clean, disinfect, and also to make the wood shine a little bit more. Just do not use it directly, diluted in water.

Keeping the floor as new requires less work than you could think, as you see just some tricks and basic products that for sure you have at home, will make it look perfect the whole time.