Renovating Your Basement

Basements are tricky. These large spaces beg to be put to use but they end up being dumping grounds for extras and broken stuff. A finished basement definitely adds value to your home and could be fantastic opportunity in increasing living space. There are many benefits to having a finished basement but it can often be one of the most forgotten spaces in the house.

There are several reasons why you should be renovating your basement.

Create extra space

A finished and functional basement can be valuable addition to your home. You are adding space that can be creatively used.  You can convert your extra living space into any room according to your needs such as playroom, gym, or storage rooms. You can partition your basement into rooms find that you can have extra bedrooms, a home office, workout room, or even storage, without cutting into the square footage of upper floors

With extra space, you are adding convenience when it comes to hosting guests, guests suites, and even add another bathroom.

Multi-purpose space

There are several possibilities of converting your finished basement into rooms of your dreams. Creative and functional uses of basement can range from playroom to rec room to home office to gym and laundry room or even storage. A flexible space means you can change it into whatever you need it to be in the future. You can easily decorate your finished basement according to your requirement and usage unlike other conventional spaces in your home.

Health and safety

Most basements suffer water problems and mold problems making it difficult to inhabit and can even hamper home foundations. Finished basement means there are no moldy and damp basement.This can have long term positive implications on your family’s health, as well as the overall condition of your house.

Cost efficient

Adding another level or add on can be expensive to your house and can also has space constraints. Rather than add on to your house, renovating your basement can help save your wallet while utilizing the large space that’s been left unused and as dumping ground. It can greatly increase your home value without sinking a lot of money into adding on a room or floor.

Increase the value of your home

Updating or renovating basement may be on low priority list in your home improvement project but finished basement can add value to your house. A finished basement can often be included in the official square footage measurements of your home.Renovations and additions in the basement can have long lasting impact on your lifestyle and will further increase the value of your home.

Increase storage and organization

Basements have been used mostly for storage but these areas can easily get cluttered and hard to use. You can maximize space in the basement by adding built-in shelving and storage areas. Imagine a laundry room you love, and a workshop you can really use, instead of piles of boxes and corners filled with cobwebs

Basement is a space that already exists. If you finish or renovate basement, it will not only be comfortable but also economical. You are utilizing the space to add extra floor for creative and functional use according to your requirements.