Screened Room Ideas To Add Space To Your Home

Today, with the latest advances in mosquito net technology, there are many options available that protect you from insects, sun and wind. Additionally, they allow you excellent visibility and air flow.
If you want to add a screened room, here we are going to give you 6 ideas that will help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Add A Deck On The Second Floor And Turn The Space Below Into A Screen Room

By adding a deck on the second floor, you could make the most of the space below by turning it into a screened room. It is an ideal way to add space to your home. You can use the area for entertaining, relaxing or even as an office and on the other hand, it helps you get the most out of your investment. Your living room is a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs or sunburn and when you want to sunbathe you can go up to the terrace above.
The benefit you have is that you enjoy every centimeter to the fullest and additionally you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Deck, Patio Or Screened Room? The Three!

If you want your family to have all the comforts of indoor living and at the same time enjoy going out and enjoying the weather. You can choose an attached deck with a screened room to the side, this is a perfect combination of outdoor enjoyment and protection from bugs and the elements.
The terrace provides enough space for the family during their daily lives, being like an extension of the home. However, the platform is too small to hold meetings, that’s where the patio comes into play. It is more spacious and perfect for hosting family gatherings and dinners. And the trees naturally create shade, keeping the patio cool.

Combine Your Living Room With A Patio Fire Pit For The Best Of Both Worlds

Which is better than a screen room. A Screened Room and Patio with Fire Pit Next There are many ways to incorporate the patio and a screened room into your outdoor space. This design makes it easy to enjoy your backyard all year round or in the summer when the heat is very strong, you can use the screened room to stay cool and avoid insects. In winter you can relax by the campfire and enjoy the good atmosphere.
The patio offers an outdoor experience at night, with the stars overhead and flickering flames. The upward facing chairs allow you to enjoy a starry night and have interesting conversations around the fire.

Add A Screened Room On The Second Floor? Don’t Lock The Entire Platform

By adding a screened room on a second floor deck. It is not necessary to enclose the entire platform. You can leave a part open to enjoy the fresh air and sun.
No matter the size of your deck, having an outdoor deck space to stretch your legs and take a breather is nice.