Tips For Designing, Repairing And Upgrading Your Platform

If you’ve had a platform for a while, chances are it needs improvements. Since the platforms spend every day of the year exposed to the elements. Here we are going to give you several tips to repair and replace deck parts and add some comfort.

Check Your Deck

It is an excellent idea to perform an annual inspection of the entire structure to ensure that everything is safe and in optimal condition for your family and guests. Problems to look for are rotted posts or weak post connections and missing intermittent edges. Many deck repair problems are inexpensive and can be completed yourself.

Build The Platform Of Your Dreams

A platform does not need to be large in size to have great features. A platform can have as many features as you always wanted to have. Sitting nooks, a cedar pergola for shade, detailed horizontal railings and cascading stairs. In this space you can light the grill, read a book, enjoy with the family and install a hammock to rest outdoors. It is a large project however if you have carpentry skills you can complete it in 2 weeks.

Shade Your Terrace

You shouldn’t let the scorching sun or humid weather drive you indoors. A simple covered pergola will keep you and your guests comfortable in any weather.

Restore The Cover

When you want to improve the overall appearance of your backyard the best option for your investment is to renovate your terrace. The first thing you should do is wash the surface of the platform well, clean it and remove any loose stains. Then let the deck dry completely for several days. When your deck is ready for a new coat, select a clear, solid or penetrating stain. Penetrating stains will require more frequent coatings in the future to keep them looking new, but they do not need to be removed again like solid stains do. Keep the forecast in mind and start when you have sunny days.

Strengthen Wobbly Deck Railings

Posts and railings bolted to a single rim joist wobble because the rim beam flexes every time it rests against the rail. If you want to easily repair the wooden deck add blocks. Adding blocks will stiffen the rim joist and make the railing feel much more solid.

Add Shade With Canopies And Awnings

Many times the summer sun can be too hot, so building an awning or other type of shade is a great patio improvement project. These additions are affordable and easy to set up. Awnings and louvers allow you to add shade or remove it depending on the weather.