Tips For Using Your Terrace In Winter

We have changed the way we live at home: we have managed to organize a space for smart work or online school, we have found a corner to do physical exercise, we have spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes. But the environment that was most revalued, for those who were lucky enough to have it, was the outdoor space as a garden or balcony. So why not try to use our terrace even in winter? The Nordic countries give us an example, where on beautiful autumn or winter days it is normal to see people having lunch or having a coffee on a terrace. You just need to follow some tricks!

1. Choose The Right Furniture

If we want to take advantage of the outdoor space both in summer and winter, it is better to buy furniture made with materials and coatings that resist both the UV rays of the summer and the humidity of the cold months (especially if our terrace is not repaired). Plastic materials such as polypropylene are a good option because they resist atmospheric agents and the sun’s rays very well. It is also important to take into account the fabric of the cushions and upholstery. It is best to opt for acrylic fabrics, treated to be stain and mildew resistant and possibly easy to remove and wash.

2. Heating The Terrace

To enjoy the terrace even in the winter months, it is important to find a solution to heat it a little, such as with outdoor heaters. On the market we can find a large number of easy-to-install stove models, for example infrared heating lamps.
Another solution that, in addition to heating, creates a beautiful and super cozy atmosphere are outdoor braziers. Perfect in the garden, they can also be used on the terrace, obviously with great care!

3. Use Warm Blankets

Another idea brought from the Scandinavian countries is to use duvets or blankets to keep warm. It is also important to insulate the underside of the seat, for example with faux fur, which also creates a perfect decoration for winter.

4. Linghts And Lanterns

To create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, to decorate our terrace but above all to illuminate it, you can use lights, lots of candles and lanterns! Essential in a winter garden!

5. DecorationsĀ 

Even in winter we can decorate the balcony to make it beautiful. For example, we can create natural compositions with ornamental pumpkins and cabbages, dry branches or pine cones. Look how beautiful the ideas in these images are!

6. DonĀ“t Forget The Plants And Flowers

If we want the balcony to look beautiful even in winter, we have to add some plants. Choose leafy green plants or flowers that can withstand the cold. For example, cyclamen, ornamental cabbages or mountain pines.