Top 5 Reasons To Choose Composite Fencing

Garden fences should be strong and durable and also look good. Generally wooden fences are the most well-known and traditional, composite fences are very beautiful additions to any environment.
Here we are going to give you several tips on the different ways it can benefit you and your garden.

Environmental Friendly

Plastic wood fences are a versatile and functional product that comprehensively considers the environment. It is made with natural plastic fibers, such as recycled plastic or waste, therefore, it is designed with 100% recycled materials and is recyclable after its life cycle.


Wood plastic composites last for decades and are much stronger than wood, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety as well as the initial investment. They are normally immune to the effects of the weather such as rot, fungi, termites, etc. They are generally used in coastal areas since exposure to salt water and winds does not destroy them.

Elegant Appearance

Our plastic wood fences can be made to look like real wood while having all the benefits of composite. We can manufacture fences in a selection of colors ranging from natural brown to gray tones, as well as make them to completely custom sizes and dimensions. Because the fence requires so little maintenance, it requires no staining or painting!

Easily Maintainable

Wooden fences will require painting, filler, sealants and other treatments to keep them in the best possible condition and protect them from rot and other conditions. Because the plastic composite is relatively scratchresistant, maintenance is incredibly low. In fact, the most you’ll need to do with composite fences is hose them down from time to time. Since the surface of these fences is relatively smooth, dirt and debris will usually fall off easily with a quick hose and scrub.


Composite fences do not splinter or crack, unlike wood alternatives, meaning fewer repairs will be needed over time. This is also safer for little hands as they won’t get splintered by composite fencing, eliminating that risk in your home. Something we are proud of is having a chemically inert finish on the products, which means graffiti is a thing of the past.