Trees, The Frame Of The Garden

When we think of those beautiful gardens in the French palaces, the most striking item is without any doubt, the bushes. Trees especially the ones that can be molded with an infinity variety of shapes and sizes can take all the protagonists of the garden, to achieve this results tress have special care but not only that, the person in charge of trimming the trees has to have the knowledge of the tree to use the correct technique and tool.

This is a job that has to be performed by a professional to avoid injuries to people and trees; each tree has its way to grow and the best way to be cut and trimmed. The gardener or the person in charge of this duty must wear protective equipment to guarantee that he or she will not suffer any injury and correct training about how to handle the different tools.

This is an art, is similar to painting or drawing the final results many times leave us without breath, but also this is a healthy practice for your garden, trees can grow up without control and affect structures of the house, sometimes this needs to be done to prevent future incidents.

Before to trim

Analyze the specific situation, not all the trees can be molded but all trees can be trimmed, some times is just cut some of the limbs to avoid they can fall out into the property and damaging something, this can be called preventive trimming, as well there are occasions when a whole tree needs to be cut down because is a risk for the house or for any structure.

During the trimming

It does not matter if is a big or small tree, this job has many risks, the tools that are used have very cutting edges, if is not handled in the correct way it could end in a very serious injury, exist from manual tools like scissors and machetes, to motorized like a chainsaw, each one of this tools has their particular way to be handled, you must wear during the whole process the protective equipment like gloves, glasses, helmet, overall, face shield, etc.

Safety always comes first and an accident can happen in just seconds that is why you need to be 100% focused on what you are doing.

After trimming

Make sure that all the residuals are disposed of according to their nature, you can stack all the pieces of the tree, it can be used later as fuel to a fireplace, or other uses at home, the tools must be cleaned and stored in the right place, I recommend you to have a room with a door for this kind of equipment especially if there are kids at home, keep in mind that the blades are very cutting and kids are so curious.

And finally, brush the grass to stack all the little pieces and leaves and throw them in the correct place, this waste can give a dirty aspect to your home, clean as well the safety equipment and stored as well.