Why Build In Wood?

When we face the moment to decide what material to use to build our house many questions jump out to our heads, durability, resistance, appearance, price, functionality among others.

Well nowadays one of the most popular materials used in house construction is wood, and this title is not for free, the wood has many advantages compared with other materials.

I need a house for my entire life!!

Well, it is a fact that the wood does not last forever, however, in the hands of the experts and with the correct procedures, this material has a durability of over 200 years!! Also, it can be refurbished during that time to get a long lifetime.

Could someone think on the planet?

The use of the right wood can help to fight against global warming, the wood helps us to remove carbon dioxide emissions, this is because it stores the carbon and consumer less energy compared with other construction materials.

An interesting fact is around 50% of the dry wood weight is carbon.

Good for the planet, good for me

Using wood in the interiors has many benefits not only physical but psychologists which are very similar to spending time in nature and fresh air, the feeling of warmth and comfort helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and heart rate.

And also wood absorbs radiation electromagnetic from cellphones, television, computers, etc.

Very strong!

Wood is a very strong material and very resistant, if we compare it with steel or cement, the wood has a relation resistance/weight of 20% higher than the other 2.

I want my house and I want it now!

The main advantage of building in wood is the fast of the process, some kinds of wood houses especially the prefabricated ones can be built in 1 week, this not just save us time but also money, is very worth it.

Feeling cold?

Wood is an excellent thermal insulating, it is more efficient than bricks, stones, or cement and steel. If you combine it with other materials like fiberglass would be more than perfect for extreme weather!

Now we have an excellent overview of wood so give it the chance and make your home cozy and stylish.