Wooden Floors

Like in the movies where there are hose big houses with that beautiful sparkling wooden floor just in front of the main door, who have not dreamed with that kind of house, for some reason that kind of floors reminds me of Christmas in my mind is the image of the Christmas tree reflecting in that shiny floor.

Wooden gives to houses that elegant and comfortable look. That just with look at it you feel is home, imagine a dark wooden floor in the living room, white walls and in front, a chimney is a cold night and you and your partner are cuddle in the sofa, watching a movie. Looks like the scene from a romantic movie.

But more than that have wooden floors have many advantages.


With Wood you cannot go wrong, the smooth color and the different tones of brown make it perfect for any home.

Is thermic

This material is perfect to avoid cold, and keep your house warm, is so effective that you won´t need carpet.


Is easy to combine with furniture and gives a modern look to your home, furthermore looks good with almost any color and material.


Another of the main advantages of wood is it lasts more than other materials, one thing to have in mind is that the thicker the floor the more it will last.

Easy to maintain

Different from other materials is that is easy to clean no hard chemicals or random liquids are needed, you can clean it using just water and vinegar this mix will help to keep it shiny, remember that the thicker the floor the more it will last.


The wood floors repel dust so it makes it perfect for people with allergies, wood does not keep the dust and other components in the air make so easy to clean it and keep the rooms safe.

Care of environment!

To build a floor in wood is necessary to cut trees, but due to the regulation regarding to clearing of trees, companies plant more trees to compensate it, the energy used to deal with the trees and convert them into floors is so much less than the used in process other materials.

To have a wood floor not only will make your home look amazing, but also will save you time and money.